Detention Center Officer Trainee

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Detention Center
USD $17.50/Hr.
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USD $29.90/Hr.


*Hiring Incentive pay: $6,000 or $4,000


To be eligible for the incentive, the following guidelines will apply to officer candidates that are hired with Doña Ana County ending November 30th, 2022:


  • $6,000 split into two payments for any new applicant that has three (3) full years of prior corrections experience in a jail, detention center, or prison provided on their application. Other law enforcement experience would not qualify for this level of incentive. 


  • $4,000 split into two payments for new applicants with 0 to 35 months of corrections experience provided on their application. 


  • The first 50% of the incentive would be issued upon successful completion of the Detention Center 7-week Academy and the 4-week Field Training Officer (FTO) program. 


  • The second 50% of the incentive would be issued during the 11th month of continuous employment.


  • Any employee that received any hiring incentive pay stated in this memorandum who separates employment from the Detention Center within one year of hire will be required to return the full amount of incentive pay received to Dona Ana County.


  • Former detention center employees may be eligible to receive the incentive if they have been separated from the detention center for 12 or more months.




Compensation for an individual whose qualifications exceed the minimum qualifications for the job may be hired above the minimum of the range based on related education and full years of related work experience as presented on the application.


Pay Plan Link:


EXTENDED: This posting will close on 12/21/2022 at 11:59 PM.


Under general supervision, responsible for the supervision of detainees and inmates within his/her assigned area; maintains order and security through fair and impartial application of Detention Center policies and procedures and accepted security and supervisory practices; and maintains the highest level of security possible while ensuring safe and humane treatment of all detainees and inmates including protection of their rights within the facility. 


Communicates effectively with a varied population of offenders, including individuals from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds. This may include persons for whom English is not a primary language, persons with developmental and learning disorders, or individuals with a wide variety of psychiatric and physical disorders.


Provides direct supervision of offenders within the housing areas of the jail.   This will include direct supervision during meal service, security checks, medication distribution, and random or scheduled housing and cell searches. 


Responsible for the general offender behavior in areas assigned as their duty station, and directly supervises and escorts offenders within the secured perimeter of the jail as assigned.


Patrols and maintains security of designated areas of the facility and controls traffic to and from specific areas; conducts physical searches of arrestees to protect the safety of all detention center personnel, detainees, and visitors; and conducts physical searches and inspections of cells.


Monitors detainees and inmates well-being; summons medical aid; communicates with medical staff; and assists the medical staff in the dispensing of medications according to the medical directives.


Releases detainees and inmates and their property according to established procedures, bail, court order or as otherwise ordered by appropriate authorities.


Assigns and directs work on detainee and inmate workers.


Efficiently and accurately completes detention center paperwork including, but not limited to: Booking, medication, release records, reports, logs, requests, memos, and rosters.


Assists in some clerical and reception work to support facility programs when clerical staff is unavailable. 


Accesses information from computer system in response for information requests from other law enforcement and court agencies.


Appropriately responds to emergencies in the jail, which may include the following: Offender assaults, fires, riots, offender disturbances, explosions, natural disasters, and hostage situations. Immediately and appropriately responds to control these circumstances.  This may include the use of appropriate levels of force through physical management of combative, volatile, hostile, and assaultive offenders.


Accurately operates a variety of equipment including computers, printers, FAX, fingerprint machines, physical restraint devices, radios, fire extinguishers, intercom systems, and telephone. 


Works a variety of rotating shifts, as well as rotation of positions, and may perform other duties as assigned or required.




POD Control Trainee: 

Prior to the academy, the trainee will undergo a training course that teaches the trainee how to effectively operate the pod and provide pod control in an assigned dayroom.  While providing pod control, the trainee is responsible for overseeing detainees and inmates for training purposes; observes and assists detention officers engaged in the demonstration of their duties in providing for the safety, security and welfare of detainees and inmates, fellow officers and staff.  Assists and supports the officers by procuring supplies, delivering paperwork, responding to assistance calls, etc.


Academy Cadet:

Under close supervision of the Detention Center Academy Training Lieutenant, Training Sergeants, and assigned training/instructional staff, cadets will undergo an intensive training academy that involves classroom instruction and rigorous physical training.  Cadets will learn to provide for the safety, security and welfare of detainees and inmates, fellow officers, staff and the public in a building/section on a variety of jail post.  After successful completion of the academy and on the job (FTO) training, the Detention Officer will directly supervise inmates and detainees and is engaged on all functions related to their welfare, safety and security of the housing unit to which assigned.    


ADDITIONAL DUTIES.  Other duties as assigned


Education. High school diploma or GED required. 


Experience.  N/A


Education/Experience substitution.  N/A


Licenses/Certifications.  Must possess a valid driver’s license and must maintain a satisfactory driving record in accordance with County policy.  Additional required certifications are obtained during the academy and maintained through employment in First Aid, CPR, Defensive Tactics, Firearm, and Bloodborne/Airborne pathogen during the normal training cycles. 


Other (e.g., post-offer medical exam, polygraph, background check, driver’s license record, etc.).  All qualified applicants will be required to pass written test, oral interview, NCIC check, polygraph, and background investigation.   Post-offer of employment tests included psychological exam, medical exam, and drug screen.


EMPLOYMENT DISQUALIFIERS:  Drug use or offenses, as a juvenile, in the preceding 12 months from the date the application has been submitted. 3rd and 4th degree felonies involving violence, as a juvenile, within the preceding 24 months. Any 1st or 2nd degree violent felonies. 


As an Adult: Conviction, pleading to or admitting to illegal use of cocaine, non-prescribed medication, or other controlled substance within the last 3 years. Any use of any type of Heroin, LSD, crack, crystal, meth, crank, sniffing of glues or huffing gas, or any other synthetic hallucinogen in the past 5 years. Conviction or pleading to the sale or distribution of any controlled substance or non-prescribed medication. Felony conviction or misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude. Conviction, pleading to or admitting a violent domestic incident. DWI conviction within the last 3 years. Any visible, displayed and/or exposed tattoos on hands, neck or face that are unable to be covered, are gang-related, obscene, or offensive. Conviction, pleading to or admitting theft may disqualify. Dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces. Incomplete applications may be grounds for disqualification.


In accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) (Part 115:17) of Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations an applicant who has been found to have engaged in any form of sexual abuse; engaged in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force, or coercion, or if the victim did not consent or was unable or refused will be disqualified.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES REQUIRED BY THE POSITION: Ability to learn security, regulations and laws governing detention operations; read policy and procedural manuals and post orders; follow verbal and written instructions; smoothly and rapidly shift between dissimilar tasks; react quickly and calmly to emergency situations; make effective decisions while in stressful situations and circumstances; and after training, be able to manage disruptive, explosive, violent, and potentially assaultive offenders through the use of  either verbal and physical control practices; write clear and concise reports; use a computer to input and extract information; operate a two-way radio; establish and maintain effective relationships with co-workers, detainees and inmates and members of the public.


Ability to acquire and maintain through employment and requisite First Aid, CPR, Defensive Tactics, Firearm, and Bloodborne/Airborne pathogen qualifications or certifications during the normal training cycles.  Must have skills in analyzing and evaluating information accurately and following policy and procedures; handling sensitive and confidential matters; establishing and maintaining effective and cooperative working relationships with others.


FREEDOM TO ACT.   The supervisor sets the overall objectives and resources.  The position is responsible for planning and carrying out the assignment, resolving most conflicts and interpreting policy in terms of established objectives.  Work is reviewed for feasibility, compatibility with other work, or effectiveness in meeting expected results.


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